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Darryl has distilled his experience of what goes wrong and what to do about it into 5 pillars. These pillars are aligned with the major causes of project failure and addressing these pillars will hugely improve project performance.

1. Superior Projects Insight

This pillar is all about the insight needed to setup a project for success.

It's here that many projects go wrong with issues such as not being clear about what the project is for and not ensuring stakeholder buy-in.

This pillar goes far beyond normal ideas of setting up a project by bringing in people factors and business change.

2. Nailing The Game Plan

This pillar is about ensuring your projects have realistic plans and those plans are actively used.

While there's a lot to say about planning, starting off simply but powerfully is a key step forward.

Later in the pillar advanced topics such as risk-based planning are introduced.

3. Piloting Around Risk

People often don’t like to think about what might go wrong but actively working with risk is one thing that separates a great project manager from "the others".

This pillar introduces practical methods for managing risk that have been proved in challenging industries such as pharmaceuticals.

4. Transformational Change

This pillar is a huge one - it's all about business change - changing how people work on a day to day basis.

This is an areas which is often underestimated even by experienced project managers.

I introduce a number of powerful tools for successfully working with business change.

5. Project Mastery

This is the delivery pillar whee we bring it all together.

Project managers often get swamped by the complexity at this stage, so it's important to be clear about what's essential to keep an eye on.

Topics include risk management, business change practicalities, project change control and financial management - all at an advanced level.